Zuma 125 /BWS 125

Adjustable Stretch Mount


On Sale: $300 



​ Allows you to set the stretch at 8, 9, or 10 inches and you can run a stock tire or set it for 6 inch fatty. Please call me directly if you have any questions. Some modification to the bike will need to be done and you will need an 85 inch brake cable.

Mojo Mounts

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Zuma 125 /BWS 125

85" Rear Brake Cable



85" brake cable perfect for the Zuma adjustable mount stretch.

Zuma 125 /BWS 125

Rear Hub



Yamaha Zuma rear drum brake hub and Axle spacer
removing the right side swing arm is required when using an after-market hub and rim. This Hub will accept rims with the following Bolt patterns: - 4x4 (4x101.6) ~ M12x1.5mm - 4x100mm ~ M12x1.5mm - 4x110mm ~ M12x1.5mm - 4x114.3mm ~ M12x1.5mm - 4x130mm ~ M12x1.5mm
This Hub includes the axle spacer and the for M12 threaded studs